Landscaping Products

Versatile, attractive and dependable. Ideally suited for all outdoor landscaping projects.

Versatile, attractive and dependable. Ideally suited for all outdoor landscaping projects. Produced in Rotorua from environmentally certified plantations grown Radiata Pine, Red Stag Timber’s range of outdoor landscaping timber is available in a growing range of products.

Timber Products: Red Stag Timber produces timber for fences, decks, and retaining walls.

 Non-Structural Products:

  • Fence Rails in 75mm x 50mm, 100mm x 50mm, and 150mm x 40mm in H3.2 or H4 Hazard Classes.
  • Retaining Walls (rough sawn) in 150mm x 50mm and 200mm x 50mm in H4 Hazard Class. 
  • Retaining wall (TGV) in 135mm x 42mm and 185mm x 42mm in H4 Hazard Class. 
  • Decking in 88mm x 32 mm and 140mm x 32mm in H3.2 Hazard Classes.
  • Posts in 100mm x 100mm in H4 Hazard Class.
  • Palings in 150mm x 25mm in H3.2 Hazard Class.

 Structural Products:

  • Decks: Structural Grade (SG) joists in 70x45 to 290x45.

 Timber Preservation: All timber is treated to the New Zealand Sawn Timber Preservation standard in either H3.2 for above-ground construction or H4 for ground-contact construction. Low toxicity preservatives provide the best protection with the lowest environmental impact allowing Red Stag Timber to be safely used in all building projects.

Timber Identification: Each piece is easily identified by treatment stamp burnt into one end of the board. This permanent stamp shows the Red Stag Timber plant number (888), the New Zealand hazard class (H3.2 or H4), and the preservative number (01).

Environmental Certification: All Red Stag Timber is produced from environmental grown and harvested plantation Radiata Pine or Douglas-fir. All landscaping timber can be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified to comply with the New Zealand Green Building Council requirements.

Safety and Handling: When handling or cutting any timber is it advisable to wear a dust mask, eye protection, and gloves. Please work safely. Do not burn preservative treated timber.

Please contact your local building merchant to purchase Red Stag Timber products.