Environmental Policy

Red Stag Timber maintains ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification to ensure ongoing improvements in all aspects of its business.

Red Stag Timber maintains ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification to:

  • Identify and control the environmental impact of its activities and products.
  • Improve its environmental performance continually.
  • Implement a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets, to achieving these and to demonstrating they have been achieved.

Specific areas where Red Stag Timber have achieved environmental objectives include:

  • FSC® Certification: Red Stag Timber has the internationally recognised Forest Stewardship Council® certification that provides timber users with confidence that it was sourced from sustainably managed forests. FSC® is the only forest certification system that is supported by all major environmental groups. A number of certification assessments, such as the US, Australia and New Zealand Green Building Councils, accepts only FSC® as proof of sustainability. See www.fsc.org for more information. Here is our FSC® Certificate - our FSC License Code is FSC-C008413.
  • Bio-Fuel Energy: Red Stag Timber utilises wood-waste as a bio-fuel to generate electricity and provide thermal energy to kiln dried timber. Red Stag Timber also provides electricity to the national grid to help power New Zealand's growing energy needs.
  • Carbon Foot-Print: Red Stag Timber's carbon foot-print is 97% less than a similar sized sawmill that doesn't use carbon neutral electricity and thermal energy. This reduction is mostly due to utilising wood-waste as the energy source for kiln drying timber as the thermal energy required to kiln dry timber can exceed 85% of the energy usage for a modern sawmill. Utilising it's own wood-waste as an energy source ensures that both CO2 emissions and landfi ll disposal requirements are minimised..

To read our Environmental Policy click here: RST ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY

Download Red Stag's Carbon-Sustainability & Social Outcomes Statement here.