Enviro test

Environmental Transparency

Over recent years environmental issues have risen to become matters of national significance. This is particularly so when we consider the climate and the potential impact fossil fuels have on the environment and on our future way of life.
The processes involved in the production of some building materials such as concrete and steel are responsible for comparatively high levels of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

At the other end of the spectrum wood-based products have exactly the opposite effect.

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester this within the cell structure of wood. The carbon is locked away for the lifetime of the tree plus the lifetime of the building in which that wood is used. In this respect wooden structures become carbon sinks which have effectively removed carbon from the atmosphere providing a net-positive effect on the environment.
With a focus on the impact of various activities on the environment in which we live, Red Stag Timber is the first and only sawmill in New Zealand (at the time of writing) to provide complete transparency about our manufacturing operations in terms of the impact our processes make on the environment. These are contained in the attached report, being the Red Stag Timber Environmental Product Declaration. The EPD is a scientifically based and independently verified means of communicating the impacts of our operations on the environment to designers and users of Red Stag Timber products.

You can read the Red Stag Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) here.